Le baiser sous la cloche

Le baiser sous la cloche

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1998. Color. 91 minutes. French language, no English subtitles. Image quality: good.   

Joseph is a thirteen year old Catholic boy studying to become a priest at a seminary school in a small French village. José, Joseph's father, feels that the boy would be better off with a normal life outside the church, but Angela, his overly affectioniate mother wants nothing more than for her son to join the priesthood (possibly to ensure that she will always be the only woman in his life). Being the pious and devoted boy that he is, Joseph gets off to a good start at seminary school, but before long, a couple of distractions enter his life - namely, girls! Véronique is a young and pretty local girl who likes to ride her bike, especially with Joseph on it with her. One day, they ride out to a remote stream for a refreshing dip, and Véronique lowers her top to give Joseph an unexpected view of her blossoming bosom. Meanwhile, back at the seminary school, Joseph develops a crush on his beautiful music teacher Agnès, who also happens to be a nun in training. One night, while washing up in the nun's private quarters, Agnès catches Joseph spying on her. Instead of scolding him, she gives him a hug and a kiss on the lips. How's a boy supposed to concentrate on his religious studies at this point?! Will Joseph resist further tempation and answer only to a higher calling, or will the lure of the ladies make committing to a lifetime of celibacy seem like not such a great idea after all? You'll have to watch the movie to see. It would also really help if you spoke French. Sorry, couldn't find subs for this, but the synopsis should give you the gist of the story. The young and lovely Charlotte Menville plays Véronique in her one and only movie role.

Contains brief nudity.

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