The David Hamilton Collection

The David Hamilton Collection

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THE DAVID HAMILTON COLLECTION Five movies directed by photographer David Hamilton for just $40.00 - that's $20.00 less than if you purchased them separately! David Hamilton is famous the world over for his nude photos of beautiful young girls. Between 1977 and 1984, he also made these five movies, all of which feature extensive nudity. Now you can get them all for a special low price in this must-have collection. Here's what's in it:

BILITIS 1977. Color. 95 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. This story is based upon Pierre Louys' turn-of-the-century novel, deals with a young schoolgirl's awakening to love. It takes place during her summer vacation at the home of a family friend, Melissa. The young girl, Bilitis, is shocked when she witnesses her friend and her husband making love, however Melissa encourages Bilitis to discover the aspect of love by seeing a young photographer, Lucas. When Lucas tries to make love to Bilitis, she rebuffs him and runs to Melissa, who in comforting Bilitis finds herself responding to her kisses and embraces. David Hamilton's first movie. Contains nudity.

LAURA 1979. Color. 95 minutes. English language. Image quality: good. Starring Maud Adams, Dawn Dunlap, James Mitchell. Sculptor Paul meets a former great love again after a long time, but is much more impressed by her 15 year old daughter Laura. Beautiful Dawn Dunlap plays Laura, and has several very nice nude scenes as do some of the other girls in the movie who frolick in the shower. David Hamilton's second film. Contains nudity.

PREMIERS DESIRS 1983. Color, 93 minutes. French language, English subtitles. Image quality: very good. Directed by David Hamilton. Starring Monica Broeke, Emmanuelle Beart. Three teen-age girls are caught in a storm, and their boat crashes on a resort island. They spend the rest of the movie running around on the beach naked and flirting with some local boys. The main point of interest for many will be a very young and naked Emmanuelle Beart, who was only 18 when she made this movie. Ooh la la! Contains nudity.

A SUMMER IN SAINT TROPEZ 1984. Color. 60 minutes. No dialogue. Image qualtiy: good. David Hamilton creates a new standard in erotic film photography with a lyrical tribute to the grace and beauty of very young women. Theirs is an idyllic life of innocence and the intimacy of shared moments is lovingly captured by Hamilton's soft frames. No silly plot or dialogue to get in the way; just an hour's worth of sweet eye candy! Contains nudity.

TENDRES COUSINES 1980. Color, approx 90 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. AKA "Zartliche Cousinen". Directed by David Hamilton. Beautiful young French people romp on an idyllic country estate. The story, set in 1939, centers around Julien, a young adolescent boy in love with his cousin Julia (Anja Schüte). Lots of exposure in this one! The best thing about "Tender Cousins" is the gorgeous young actress Anja Schüte, who was just 15 when she made this film. It's worth buying for her scenes alone! Hamilton fans will recognize her as one of his loveliest models, and also her appearance in another of his films "Premiers Desirs". This is the original French language version with English subtitles (far superior to the US VHS release with cheesy English overdubbing). Contains nudity.

Five DVDs - $40.00 NTSC format (North American standard), region free. NTSC compatible player required for viewing. DVDs feature menus and chapters. PLEASE NOTE: Image shown is for display only. Discs are shipped in protective sleeves without cases/covers.

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