La Orca/Oedipus Orca Double Feature

La Orca/Oedipus Orca Double Feature

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The notorious Italian cult classics "La Orca" and "Oedipus Orca" available together for the low price of $20.00 - that's $4.00 less than if you purchased them separately!

La Orca 1976. Color. 86 minutes. Italian language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. A 16 year old schoolgirl named Alice (played convincingly by a somewhat older Rena Niehaus) is kidnapped and held for ransom. While in captivity, she and one of her abductors fall in love and have sex. We see lots of nudity, and an explicit coochie touching scene which had the censors of the time threatening to label it as pornography. "La Orca" is gritty, violent, exploitative, and stars German Playboy Playmate Rena Niehaus, who doesn't seem to mind at all when her costar Michele Placido feels up her private parts! Contains nudity.

Oedipus Orca 1977. Color. 91 minutes. Italian language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. This is the sequel to the previous year's notorious "La Orca" and again stars former German Playboy Playmate Rena Niehaus as the kidnapping victim Alice. Here she tries to come to terms with her ordeal with the help of her parents and boyfriend. It becomes evident that Alice has some developed some deep rooted psychosexual issues from her harrowing abduction, when she returns to the room where she was held prisoner, and masturbates to the memory of having sex with one of her captors (played by Michele Placido) while lying down inside the blood stained chalk outline of his body. Later, Alice seduces her mother's old boyfriend - the man she suspects is her real father! Like the film that preceded it, "Oedipus Orca" features a lot of sex, violence, and naked Niehaus.

Two DVD-Rs - $20.00 NTSC format (North American standard), region free. NTSC compatible player required for viewing. DVDs feature menus and chapters. PLEASE NOTE: Image shown is for display only. Discs are shipped in protective sleeves without cases/covers.

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La Orca/Oedipus Orca

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