The Sophie Marceau Collection

The Sophie Marceau Collection

Starting at: $40.00

Five rare movies starring internationally famous sex symbol Sophie Marceau on five DVD-R discs for just $40.00 - that's $20.00 less than if you purchased them separately! All five films are French language with English subtitles.

Joyeuses Pâques 1984. Color. 93 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: good. Stephane (Jean-Paul Belmondo) has a prediliction for being unfaithful, and when he is caught by his wife with the charming teen Julie (Sophie Marceau) in his bed, he passes her off as his daughter by a former marriage; someone he had forgotten to mention before. Julie, of course, is not thrilled with the situation, nor is Staphane's wife, and so the adventure begins. The always ravishing Sophie Marceau has a couple of eye-popping topless scenes that are not to be missed! Contains brief nudity.

La Boum 1980. Color. 110 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: good. Sophie Marceau was only fourteen when she made her big screen debut in this 1980 coming of age comedy from France. Vic (Marceau) is the new kid in her school, but soon makes friends with another girl, Penelope. Together they check out the guys in quest for a great love. But Vic's parents are their handicap, since they won't allow her to attend the "boum", a big party. With the help of her grandma Poupette it works out anyway, and Vic falls in love with Matthieu. At the same time her parent's marriage is on the edge when her father's ex-girlfriend demands a last night together. Sophie Marceau is an adorable vision to behold in this French box-office smash. ULTRA RARE ENGLISH SUBTITLED VERSION!

L'amour braque 1985. Color. 104 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. Led by a man named Mickey, a group of thieves wearing Disney character masks rob a bank, and then jump a train to Paris. Onboard Mickey befriends passenger Léo and invites him to come along with the gang for some kicks. They violently crash a dinner party which is being attended by Mary, Mickey's breathtakingly gorgeous girlfriend. As soon as Léo lays eyes on Mary, his falls madly in love with her, thus beginning a bizarre love triangle in an increasingly brutal world seemingly devoid of sanity or safety. Violent, surreal, and visually dazzling, "L'amour braque" grabs the viewer by the throat and pulls him into a relentless, bloody nightmare. Sophie Marceau stars as Mary in her most revealing and demanding role. Elle est une déesse! Contains nudity.

My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days 1989. Color. 105 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. Lucas, a terminally ill man, finds comfort in the arms of Blanche, a beautiful but troubled young woman who acts as a clairvoyant in a traveling show. The two spend several passionate days and nights together at a local sea resort, knowing that Lucas' days are numbered. The captivatingly stunning French goddess Sophie Marceau bares all in her challenging role as Blanche. An absolute must have for fans of Sophie (basically everyone with working eyes)! Contains nudity.

Police 1985. Color. 108 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. When Mangin, a jaded French police inspector (Gérard Depardieu) starts to investigate a Tunisian drug ring, he finds his morals being clouded by his interactions with the criminals, especially Noria (Sophie Marceau), the young and beautiful girlfriend of one of them. He also enjoys the company of a prostitute named Lydie (Sandrine Bonnaire). Sophie Marceau and Sandrine Bonnaire both have love scenes with Depardieu which feature nudity (Bonnaire's scene is particularly revealing!). While this is reason enough to watch "Police", it's also a very well made drama directed by Maurice Pialat, and written by Catherine Breillat. Unavailable in the USA, unless you know where to look, and you obviously do! Contains nudity.

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