Le nécrophile/Melting Snow

Le nécrophile/Melting Snow

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LE NECROPHILE 2004 Color. 36 minutes. French language, with English subititles. Image quality: good. M. Montaldo is the unforgettably creepy and unusual main character in this one-of-a-kind short film from France. He's a middle-aged, bug-eyed, non-verbal, body-snatching, corpse-banging, big-boot-wearing, cockroach-eating freak, whose tongue and penis are both several feet long. He learns from the police that he has an orphaned niece, a lovely little girl who communicates by making high pitched chirping sounds. She moves in with M, and soon finds out about his nocturnal, necrophiliac activities. When police and neighbors become increasingly suspicious of Montaldo, and he can no longer leave his house to get fresh corpses, his young niece decides to play dead and offer herself in place of an actual dead body. What saves "Le nécrophile" from being unwatchably disgusting, is that it's actually pretty funny! Yep, believe it or not, this is a very dark comedy that never takes it self seriously, and pays tribute stylistically to the German expressionism films that inspired it. Very well made and unsettling art house weirdness. Contains nudity.

MELTING SNOW 2008. Color. 26 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. Twelve-year-old Leo wants no part of the nudist camp where his mother has dragged him, until an encounter with a lovely girl named Antoinette and her magic mushrooms makes him change his mind entirely. In addition to introducing Leo to shrooms, she also eventually coaxes him into going "au natural", and schools him in the ways of the birds & the bees. The Boy Scouts got nothing on this French fantasy camp! Both Antoinette and Leo's mom are a couple of hotties who spend almost the entire movie completely naked. This short film clocks in at only 26 minutes, but its' NPM ratio (nudity per minutes) gives you the most bang for your buck. Contains more nudity than you can shake a stick at!

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