Deep End

Deep End

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1970. Color. English language. 90 minutes. Image quality: very good.      

Mike is a teen-age London bathhouse attendant who is obsessed with Susan, his beautiful twenty-something boss. Although Susan has a fiancé, Mike does his best to sabotage the relationship, to the extent of stalking both her and Chris, her husband-to-be. Susan does nothing to discourage Mike, and in fact gets a kick out of the awkward lad's innapropriate advances. She even sneaks him a quick kiss in an adult movie theatre when she discovers him spying on her and Chris in the seat behind them. Susan has been manipulated by men in the past, and she in turn manipulates them to get what she wants. She's agreed to marry Chris simply because he's rich, and she sees her secret flirting with Mike as harmless fun. Mike doesn't see it that way however, and becomes increasingly obsessive and posessive toward Susan to the point where he must have her, no matter what the cost. Mike is played by John Moulder Brown, whom many of you may remember from "Juego de amor prohibido". He has a hilarious scene with Diana Dors (another familiar face, Luci's mum in "Baby Love") who plays a chubby middle-aged nymphomaniac who forces poor, unsuspecting Mike to satisfy her sexual needs. Jane Asher, who plays Susan, is probably best known for being engaged to Paul McCartney in the late '60s (most likely so she could spend all his money and flirt with poolboys behind Macca's back) Anyone who sees this movie will instead remember the beautiful British redhead for her solid performance which includes an unforgettable climactic nude scene in a swimming pool. A fantastic forgotten gem, undeservedly unknown and unavailable in the USA. Features songs by Cat Stevens and cult krautrock group Can.

Contains nudity.

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