Castle of Purity

Castle of Purity

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1973. Color. 107 minutes. Spanish language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. A middle age man named Gabriel lives in an old house where he makes rat poison with the help of his wife Beatriz and his three children, Porvenir, Utopía, and Voluntad. While imposing strict discipline on the family, which includes not allowing them to leave the house or to eat meat, Gabriel comes and goes freely, eating what he pleases, hiring prostitutes and making sexual advances on unsuspecting women. At the slightest infraction of his impossibly rigid set of rules, Gabriel beats his wife and children. The kids also get the "time out" from hell as part of their punishment; whenever one of them "misbehaves", they are locked in a small, dark and dirty space in the cellar until Gabriel sees fit to let them out. It doesn't take much to set the Draconian dad off (accidentally knocking over a rat cage gets the little girl Voluntad a day in the dungeon), but he really goes apeshit when he discovers his eighteen year old son Porvenir sexually fondling Utopía, the middle child who is a few years younger than her brother. Based on the true story of a man who kept his family locked up in their Mexico City home for 18 years to protect them from the corruption of the outside world, "Castle Of Purity" is an obscure, disturbing, and compelling example of Mexican cinema, and features outstanding performances from the cast, particularly Claudio Brook who plays the deranged patriarch Gabriel. Directed by Arturo Ripstein.

Contains nudity.

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