Carne de tu carne

Carne de tu carne

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(aka "Bloody Flesh") 1983. Color. 86 minutes. Spanish language with English subtitles. Image quality: good. The beloved grandmother of a Columbian family lies sick and dying with grandson Andres Alfonso by her side. Just before grandma passes away, she grabs Andres Alfonso's hand and whispers "Enrique, my dear brother, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood". This cryptic message alludes to dark family secrets that will soon have a profound effect on Andre Alfonso and those around him. Soon after the grandmother's death, the family goes to the airport to pick up Andres Alfonso's young and pretty half-sister Margareth, who's just flown in from the USA. She brings cigarettes, American  Rock n' Roll records, and incestous love for Andres Alfonso, who's only too happy to accept her gifts. One night, there is a tremendous explosion near the neighborhood were Andres Alfonso's family lives. What is thought at first to be an  earthquake, turns out to be a terrible accident involving military trucks carrying explosives. Homes are damaged, people are hurt, and bodies from a nearby graveyard are unearthed. Suddenly, dead family member's ghosts start showing up and watching over Andres Alfonso and Margareth as the sinful kin indulge in shameful shenanigans. The spirits don't come just to see a little hanky-panky however; they want bad things to happen to the living, and they've chosen the already naughty siblings to help them make some evil shit go down. At this point, the movie becomes increasingly eerie, surreal, and perplexing. While it's understood that the nefarious specters haunting their house are the cause of their affliction, it's not made clear if Andres Alfonso and Margareth have come down with vampire fever, the zombie flu, or that demonic possession bug that's been going around. What ever it is, they've got it bad as they go on a rampage of murder, drinking blood, and baby snatching. Columbian cutie Adriana Herrán plays Margareth. Her date of birth is unknown, but she appears to be in her teens. Adriana does not show any actual nudity, but she has several near-nude moments, and some hot and heavy scenes with costar David Guerrero (who plays Andres Alfonso). "Carne de tu carne" is a strange and rare foreign flick that would fit perfectly in any one of three different categories: "Horror & Thriller", "It's Just Wrong!", or "Weird".

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