Ángeles y querubines

Ángeles y querubines

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(aka "Angels And Cherubs") 1972. Color. 83 minutes. Spanish language, no subititles. Image quality: good.

This surreal and enigmatic oddity was the first full length feature directed by Rafael Corkidi, best known for his cinematography in  the Alejandro Jodorowsky films "El Topo" and "The Holy Mountain". It begins with Adam and Eve as two young children frolicking naked on a beach. The kids find an object that looks like a ball or a large egg that explodes when they drop it. A cackling disembodied voice (presumably God) mocks and laughs at the children sinisterly. From there, the setting changes to the interior of a dark castle where a mysterious, weirdo aristocrat named Don Jacobo presides over a bizarre procession of monks and assorted mystics. The Don's son Cristian (looking like he raided Donny Osmond's wardrobe) falls in love with a beautiful girl named Angela, who comes from a middle class family living nearby. After a few people die and then come back to life, the castle "story" builds to a rather chilling climax featuring a screaming naked female vampire feasting on the neck of her latest victim (who happens to be one of the main characters). The movie then abruptly switches back to little Adam and Eve, cheerfully exiting Eden on a dirt road as the movie ends. Although made from a scratchy print with faded color, the image quality of this video is not bad for such an obscure and all-but forgotten cult film that until recently was believed to be lost forever. No subtitles, but even with them Ángeles y querubines would still be hard to comprehend. Muy extraño!

Contains nudity.

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