Blue Movie

Blue Movie

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1979. 80 minutes. Color. Italian language with English subtitles. Image quality: good.

A disturbed and peverted photographer keeps various women as prisoners in his studio, and forces them to participate in bizarre sex games. Written and directed by Alberto Cavallone, this surreal shocker from Italy plays like a low budget version of Dusan Makavejev's 1974 film "Sweet Movie", which was clearly a prime source of inspiration for Cavallone. Loaded with scenes of abduction, forced sex, defecation, urination, and vomiting, "Blue Movie" is definitely not for the squeamish. In one particularly unsavory scene, a naked woman craps into a makeshift litter box, nearly filling it with a messy deposit. As if that weren't enough to spoil your appetite, the woman then shoves her poo into empty cigarette boxes with her bare hands. With its demented cast of characters and nearly incomprehensible story line, "Blue Movie" registers in the red on the weird-o-meter from start to finish. Whether you find it to be a compellingly intense work of avant-garde art, or a needlessly disgusting waste of celluloid, you will undoubtedly conclude that "Blue Movie" is the "shittiest" movie you've ever seen!

Contains nudity.

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