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1976. Color. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good.

"Noroît" is French director Jacques Rivette's version of a modern pirate movie, which means it's far more strange and surreal than any other swashbuckling adventure you've ever seen. The pirates are mostly female members of an experimental dance troupe who occupy a castle on an island. They're led by the steely Giulia, who's outrageously fabulous in her pink leather suits and ruffles. Geraldine Chaplin plays Morag, a bandit out for revenge on Giulia's group for the death of her brother in a raid just completed as the film begins. Morag signs on as a personal bodyguard to Giulia, and begins eliminating her gang one by one through subterfuge. "Noroît" climaxes in a clifftop masquerade ball/murder spree/dance performance that combines violence and poetry. Très joli Élisabeth Lafont plays Guila's niece Elisa, and has a brief but memorable nude scene. Dark, violent, mysterious, baffling and beautiful; "Noroît" is sure to satiate those who crave the strange!

Contains nudity.

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