The Nude Princess

The Nude Princess

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1976. Color. 91 minutes. Italian language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good.       

Princess Mariam, the female ambassador of an impoverished but resource-rich African country comes to Italy on business. She is befriended by female industrial spy and pursued by a boozy, scandal-sheet reporter and a number of political and business world enemies out to discredit the princess with a sex scandal. Why is this movie in the "Weird" category? Here's just some of what's in it: An orgy featuring Princess Mariam wearing a wig made out of orange feathers, muttonchopped weightlifters and a midget, a lead actress named Ajita Wilson who was actually born a man chosen to play the sexy princess, a plot loosely based on an alleged incident involving Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, and schizophrenic style changes that jump from sexploitation, to blacksploitation, to political thriller, to social commentary, to comedy, but ends up having absolutely no coherent style at all. Way weirder than any synopsis could accurately describe, "The Nude Princess" is one of the wackiest exploitation films ever made!

Contains nudity.

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