The Love Machine

The Love Machine

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1971. Color. 108 minutes. English language. Image quality: very good.                             

Like the cult-camp classic that preceeded it "Valley Of The Dolls", this movie is base on a Jacqueline Susann best-seller, but unlike "Dolls", it was a box office bomb, and has since remained a forgotten relic that never developed much of a cult following. However, four decades later, "The Love Machine" has fermented into a pretty enjoyable slice of retro-cheese. The storyline involves an ambitious, sex driven TV newscaster named Robin Stone, who has an affair with Judith Austin, the wife of a network executive, in order to get a promotion. The exec's wife is played by Dyan Cannon, who at age 34 looks amazingly fit and sexy. Dyan doesn't get naked, but she does rock a skin tight white pants and top outfit that shows off her curves and tight tummy in a party scene in which she gets into a catfight with a cartoonish fag played by David Hemmings; if you crawl frame by frame (and I know you will) between 1:43:17 - 1:43:24, you'll catch a few tasty glimpses of sweet cheeks & camel toe. While you're at it, take a slow-mo gander at the naked twins sandwiching John Phillip Law (lucky stiff!) in the shower at the 82 minute mark. Look familiar? Why, it's The Collinson Twins of course! And you were worried that there'd be no reason to watch this film! Throw in Robert Ryan, Jackie Cooper, Shecky Greene, and cameos by Don Rickles and the author heself Jacqueline Susann, and you've got yourself a movie - not necessarily a good movie, but a movie nonetheless! Back in '71, no one gave "The Love Machine" any love, but Doktorfroyd has brought it up from the basement, dusted it off, and put it back on display for the "so bad its good" connoisseurs of the 21st century to enjoy.

Contains nudity.

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