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2000. Color. 57 minutes. Swedish language, no English subtitles. Image quality: good. 19 year old Linus and his 17 year old sister Vanja are a very affectionate pair of siblings that seem to be almost inseparable when they are home together, which is pretty much all the time. Linus and Vanja enjoy each other's company much more than your average brother and sister. They often lie down together; speaking softly and tenderly while gazing longingly into one another' eyes and sharing a loving embrace. If it weren't for the fact that they're brother and sister you'd swear they have the hots for each other! Well, of course they do, and as with most incest themed dramas, the lustful family members try at first to resist their unnatural impulses, but inevitibly give in to them and do the deed. Once they get over their intial guilt, Linus and Vanja have a good old time indulging in forbidden pleasures, but of course their perverted paradise can't last forever. One night, after doing the taboo twist, Linus and Vanja fall asleep naked together in Linus' bed. Their mother Eva enters unexpectedly and discovers her son and daughter's shocking secret. Mom goes ballistic and seems to be on the verge of insanity over what she has found out. At this point, the movie becomes very dark and heavy. Actress Lina Englund was twenty five when she appeared in "Syskonsalt", so playing the 16 year old Vanja is a bit of a stretch, but her performance is riviting. Daniel Larsson (Linus), and Chatarina Larsson (Eva) are outstanding as well.

Contains nudity.

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