The Ornella Muti Collection

The Ornella Muti Collection

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Seven rare movies featuring Ornella Muti for just $55.00 - that's $29.00 less than if you purchased them separately! For those of you unfamiliar with Miss Muti; she's an Italian actress who's done many nude scenes in her films, and had Bardot-caliber sex appeal in her prime. If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing Ornella both in and out of her clothes, this is a great place to start!

APPASSIONATA 1974. Color. 98 minutes. English language. Image quality: good. "American Beauty" 1970's Italian style: A middle-aged dentist with a mentally ill wife lusts after his teenage daughter's best friend Nicola (played by super sexy Eleanora Giogi), and ends up doing the deed with her on multiple occassions. The daughter, Eugenia (19 year old Ornella Muti), is having trouble losing her virginity (yeah, right!), and turns to dear old dad to remedy the situation. A very dark and unusual film, to say the least. In the good Doktor's opinion, any movie with a young Ornella Muti naked is a must-see, and her scenes in "Appassionata" strongly support his diagnosis! Contains nudity.

LA MOGLIE PIU BELLA (aka "The Most Beautiful Wife") 1970. Color. 108 minutes. Italian language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. A 16 year old girl named Francesca rebels against Sicilian tradition by refusing to partake in a pre-arranged marriage. When Francesca is kidnapped and raped by the nephew of the local mafia Don, her accusations sends the rapist to jail. She confides in the local police chief when her friends and family are reluctant to help her out of their fear for mob reprisals. Radiantly beautiful 14 year old Ornella Muti makes her film debut here, and is compelling to watch throughout the movie. No nudity, but Miss Muti's angelic visage makes "La moglie più bella" well worth watching. You'll be smitten by this kitten!

OASIS OF FEAR (aka Un posto ideale per uccidere) 1971. Color. English language. 83 minutes. Image quality: very good. This fabulously trippy sexploitation thriller from Umberto Lenzi is a lost classic long unavailable to fans of classy kinky flicks. Two young sexually free hippies, Dick (Ray Lovelock) and Ingrid (Ornella Muti) finance their travels by selling naked snaps of Ingrid until their plan is brought to an abrupt end by the Police. Forced on the run the two seek refuge at a seemingly empty isolated large villa. As it turns out the house is inhabited by the middle-aged Barbara (Irene Papas) who invites them in for some potential three-way hanky-panky that soon locks them into something far more twisted and chilling! Set to a toe-tapping catchy pop score and filled with deliciously naked female flesh this is also an intriguingly dreamy giallo from the underrated Lenzi that chills into a suspense-ridden climax. Sixteen-year-old Ornella Muti is unbelievably cute and sexy throughout the movie. Presented in anamorphic Widescreen, which is a little extreme, but it preserves the original screen dimensions, and overall this is the best version of "Oasis Of Fear" available. Contains nudity.

ROMANZO POPOLARE 1974. Color, 101 minutes. Italian language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. 50 year old Giulio and his 17 year old goddaughter, Vincenzina fall madly in love with each other and soon are wed. Unfortunately for Giulio he walks in on his friend Giovanni (played by Michele Placido) and Vincenzina upon a return from a trip. His jealousy and anger get the best of him and he kicks his wife out of the house. Years pass and Giulio decides to rekindle the lover affair with her. The always lovely and irresistable Ornella Muti plays Vincenzina and has a couple of brief nude scenes. Ultra rare English subtitled version - you won't find it anywhere else! Contains nudity.

SUMMER AFFAIR (aka "Il sole nella pelle"). 1971. Color. 84 minutes. English languge. Image quality: very good. A billionaire auto magnate's virginal teenage daughter named Lisa falls in love with an older hippie boy named Robert. Lisa (16 year old Ornella Muti) is very curious to explore her new-found feelings of desire, but her father forbids her to see Robert. In an attempt to be alone together, the rebellious lovebirds steal a sailboat, but end up shipwrecked on a tiny island. They run around on the beach and swim naked, and enjoy their freedom. The police are on the hunt for Lisa and Robert however, and they're determined to find out the young lovers' whereabouts. Ornella Muti (in her first nude appearance) is very young and stunningly beautiful - her innocent face and curvy figure are intoxicating! BONUS: includes an alternate widescreen nude scene from the European version "Il sole nella pelle" (featuring nip closeups not on the American release). Contains nudity.

UN SOLO GRANDE AMORE 1972. Color. 89 minutes. Italian language, no English subtitles. Image quality: fair +. Alexandra is a glamorous widow who lives with her beautiful teenage daughter Sandra in a remote corner of southern Spain. When Alexandra's old flame Fernando drops by in his jazzy red sports car, the couple resume their affair. Fernando also seduces young Sandra, who's more than happy to accomodate him, despite the fact that she's attending a convent school (naughty naughty!). Gorgeous Italian screen goddess Ornella Muti, 17 or 18 at the time, plays Sandra, and shows off her killer bod in a tight wet bikini, and in several lovemaking scenes in which her much older costar Glen Lee (who plays Fernando) heavily gropes her goodies. Implied nudity only, but still sizzlin' hot!

THE LAST WOMAN 1976. Color. 103 minutes. Italian with English subs. Image quality: good. Audio: has brief sound drops for first ten minutes, rest of movie is fine. Gerard (Gérard Depardieu) is a factory engineer whose wife has left him to care for their infant son by himself. One day after work, Gerard goes to pick his son up at day care, and meets Valerie (Ornella Muti), a gorgeous young girl who works there. Gerard offers her a ride home, she accepts, and that night moves in with him and his baby boy. At first, the new arrangement works out beautifully for Gerard; Valerie has passionate sex with him, provides him with companionship, and helps take care of his child. Before long, however, Valerie finds Gerard to be overly demanding and brutish, and the two begin to have increasingly vicious verbal and physical altercations. Gerard eventually becomes so angry and frustrated with his situation and himself, that he commits a horrific act of violence. Depardieu gives an intense and fearless performance in which his penis gets almost as much screen time as he himself does. One can see from viewing this film, that at times he found his role to be hard. The multiple sex scenes with a naked, 21 year old Ornella Muti must have been draining; by the end of the movie, Gerard appears completely detached. Rare is too common a word for this lost treasure, but viewer beware: Gerard Depardieu's cutting edge acting style may be too intense for some! Contains nudity.

Seven DVD-Rs - $55.00 NTSC format (North American standard), region free. NTSC compatible player required for viewing. DVDs feature menus and chapters. PLEASE NOTE: Image shown is for display only. Discs are shipped in protective sleeves without cases/covers.

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