The Lara Wendel Collection

The Lara Wendel Collection

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THE LARA WENDEL COLLECTION Seven rare movies featuring Lara Wendel for just $55.00 - that's $29.00 less than if you purchased them separately! Lara Wendel is a German-born beauty most famous for starring opposite Eva Ionesco in the notorious coming of age drama "Maladolescenza", but she also made a bunch of other controversial movies while still at a young age, most of which required her to appear nude. You can get all of her most sought after early movies for a special low price in this unique collection. Please note that "La petite fille en velours bleu" and "Un drama borghese" are French/Italian language without English subtitles. Image quality varies from good to fair. Here's what's in the collection:

DESIDERIA - ITALIAN W/ENG SUBS Color. 100 minutes. Original Italian language with English subtitles. Image quality: good. A heavy set, 15-year-old girl named Desideria (Lara Wendel) is ridiculed by her adoptive mother to the point where she attempts suicide. While recovering in the hospital, Desideria loses weight and blossoms into a lovely young lady, and becomes determined to take control of her own life from then on. Unfortunately for Desideria, her new found independence leads her into a corrupt world full of dangerous double-crossers and sexual predators in which she herself becomes a willing participant. As usual, Lara Wendel doesn't disappoint and bares it all in this very rare European cult classic. Contains nudity.

ERNESTO 1979. Color. 94 minutes. Italian language with English subtitles. Image quality: good. Set in the Italian port of Trieste in 1911, ERNESTO is the coming-of-age chronicle of 17-year-old Ernesto, a handsome office clerk who dreams of becoming a violinist. An unexpected sexual experience with a male dock worker (played by Michele Placido) opens the youth to feelings he has previously been afraid to confront. Several months later, Ernesto's has a love affair with a 15 year old boy named Ilio. Their delicate relationship is complicated, however, by the amorous advances of Ilio's twin sister Rachele (Ilio and Rachele are both played by Lara Wendel). Directed by Salvatore Semperi, this multi-million dollar Spanish-Italian production is considered by international critics among the most significant gay-themed motion pictures ever made. Contains brief male nudity.

IL FALCO E LA COLOMBA 1981. Color. 92 minutes. English language. Image quality: very good. Business man Michele Alemani falls in love with the beautiful young actress Viva Montero who, unbeknownst to Alemani, has a dark secret; heroin addiction. Their lover's paradise eventually begins to disintegrate as Viva descends further and further into the depths of her addiction. Lovely sixteen year old Lara Wendel plays Viva, and has several nude scenes including a very long lovemaking scene with her much older costar Fabio Testi. REMASTERED ENGLISH LANGUAGE VERSION - WOW! Contains nudity.

IMMAGINI ANGELICHE - THE BEST OF LARA WENDEL Color. 37 minutes. This one-of-a-kind disc features over 20 quality video clips of lovely Lara Wendel's best (and most revealing) scenes from rare European films, none of which were ever released in the USA: "Spielen Wir Liebe" (Maladolescenza), "Ring Of Darkness", "Un Dramma Borghese", "Desideria", "La Petite Fille en Velours Bleu", and "Il Falco e la Columba". Also included are 19 breath-taking nudes from a 1985 Playboy pictorial presented in slide show format. PLEASE NOTE: Most of the clips on this DVD are Italian language with no English subtitles, except for "Spielen" which has English subs and "Ring Of Darkness" which is dubbed in English. Contains nudity.

LA PETITE FILLE EN VELOURS BLEU 1978. Color. 106 minutes. French language no subtitles. Image quality: fair. Konrad, an Austrian surgeon, has fled his newly Nazified country for the Riviera. There, he encounters Laura, the 13-year-old daughter of an anti-fascist Italian Contess. When Laura perceives that Konrad loves her, she offers herself to him. Thirteen year old Lara Wendel appeared in this film right after the notorious "Maladolescenza" (in which she also played a girl named Laura), and while it's nowhere near as extreme as that movie, "Velours Bleu" does have some slightly risque content. In one scene, Laura goes swimming with a female photographer who's naked. The photographer pulls Laura's swimsuit top down, and kisses her on the lips. Later in the movie, we catch a fleeting glimpse of some nude photos of Laura that the woman has taken. Also, while visiting Konrad in his bedroom one night, Laura briefly exposes her right breast when she takes off her nightgown. Made from an old VHS source, our "La petite fille en velours bleu" video is grainy, but watchable, and is the only version available of this rare, and long out of print Lara Wendel movie. Contains nudity.

RING OF DARKNESS (aka Un Ombra nell'ombra) 1979. Color. 83 min. English language. Image quality: good. Mean teen Daria (Lara Wendel) will stop at nothing in order to gain enough supernatural power to overthrow her mother Carlotta, who's a witch in a Satanic cult. A very young Lara Wendel has several nude scenes, including a naked catfight with mom! Equal parts cheese and sleeze, this is a must have for fans of horror oddities and/or lovely miss Wendel. Our "Ring Of Darkness" is the best and rarest you'll likely find; decent image quality, English language, and no giant obstructive subtitles found all other versions. Contains nudity.

UN DRAMMA BORGHESE (aka "Mimi") 1979. (aka "Mimi") 1979. Color. 92 minutes. Italian language, no subtitles. Image quality: very good. Mimi is a teenage girl who is sexually attracted to her father Guido, and does everything she can to get his attention. In her revealing nightgown, Mimi cuddles, caresses, and flirts openly with Dad, and even goes as far as pleasuring herself lying in bed next to him. Needless to say, Guido is distraught over his daughter's unusual behavior, and starts to worry about her mental health. Fourteen-year-old Lara Wendel plays Mimi, and gives one of several unforgettable performances early in her career. REMASTERED VERSION WITH SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY! AN UNBELIEVABLY RARE DOKTORFROYD EXCLUSIVE! Contains nudity.

Seven DVD-Rs - $55.00 NTSC format (North American standard), region free. NTSC compatible player required for viewing. DVDs feature menus and chapters. PLEASE NOTE: Image shown is for display only. Discs are shipped in protective sleeves without cases/covers.

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