The Katja Bienert Collection

The Katja Bienert Collection

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THE KATJA BIENERT COLLECTION Eight rare movies on eight discs featuring Über-babe Katja Bienert for just $60.00 - that's $36.00 less than if you purchased them separately! For those of you unfamiliar with Miss Bienert; she's a German actress who early in her career did many nude scenes in several rare and controversial European films, most of which are long out of print and unavailable for sale in the USA. This collection features all the Katja you'll ever need! Image quality varies from fair to excellent. Here's what's in it:

Derrick - Dem Mörder eine Kerze 1980. Color. 57 minutes. German language, no English subtitles. Image quality: good. This is an episode from the long running German TV crime drama "Derrick". Detective Stephan Derrick is investigating the murder of an advertising photographer named Dern. In Dern's photo lab, Derrick discovers a piece of paper with the word "school" written on it, which turns out to be a clue left by the photographer just before he died. Derrick learns that Dern had hired teens from a local shcool to pose for him, and he meets with several students that worked with the photographer to see if they can provide any information that will help him solve the murder. Derrick discovers that one of the models, a young girl named Vera Essling (played by fourteen year old Katja Bienert) has posed for more than just advertisement photos, and has gotten herself involved in a dark and dangerous secret world. Katja Bienert doesn't have a lot of screen time, but when she does appear, she steals the show as usual in a shocking scene towards the end of the episode. Features the hit song "Angel of Mine" by Frank Duval. You're welcome. Contains nudity.

EL LAGO DE LAS VIRGENES 1987. 88 minutes. Color. Spanish language, no English subtitles. Image quality: fair. Starring Katja Bienert. Directed by Jess Franco. A young man and an old drunk bar hop and explore an island that just happens to be inhabited by young topless girls in loincloths. For some bizarre reason, unnatural looking color filters are applied to the island scenes, giving the film a sort of "psychedelicized" look, which is pretty strange for an 80's movie! Young nude actresses hall of famer and Jess Franco favorite Katja Bienert appears topless throughout the film. The release date is 1987, but the movie was actually shot in '81. Fräulein Bienert was born in 1966, so you do the math! A little rough looking, but definitely watchable, "El Lago de Las Virgenes"s extensive nubile nudity makes it worthy of inclusion in this collection. Contains nudity.

EUGENIE (Historia de una perversión) 1980. 96 minutes. Color. Spanish language. Image quality: good Starring Katja Bienert, Mabel Escaño, Antonio Mayans. Based on the story by Marquis De Sade, Eugenie (effectively portrayed by young Katja Bienert) is the nubile neighbor of Alba and Alberto (Mabel Escaño and Antonio Mayans), two rich weirdos. The couple become obsessed with the girl after seeing her swimming nude. Alba seduces Eugenie's father and thereby convinces him to let the couple "borrow" the innocent virgin! Once in their grasp she is forced into a world of drugs and perverse sexual games. In Spanish, but very easy to follow. Contains nudity.

KENN' ICH, WEIB ICH, WAR ICH SCHON! 1981. Color. 79 minutes. German language, no English subtitles. Image quality: good. Bet you didn't even know that this Katja Bienert movie existed, did you? Well, she only has a supporting role, but like most of her early film appearances, she does have a nude scene (a brief, but memorable topless romp with an older man). Only fifteen at the time, Katja had already done more controversial scenes in just a few years than most actresses do in their entire career. Other pretty, young and naked girls are featured also. Will post a synopsis if/when I can find out what this movie's about; there's not much info about it available, but a virtually unknown early Katja Bienert movie with nudity is all collectors need to know; this a must-have movie for Katja fans! Contains nudity.

LILIAN THE PERVERTED VIRGIN (la virgen pervertida) PLEASE NOTE: FULLY EXPLICIT XXX, ADULTS ONLY 80 minutes. Color. Spanish language with English subtitles. Image quality: excellent. Hardcore corruption-of-innocence story directed Jess Franco. 17 year old Katja Bienert stars as Lilian, and gets very naked throughout (a body double was used for the explicit closeups). The first legal hardcore pornographic film in Spain. Contains nudity.

LINDA 1981. Color. Dubbed in English. 80 minutes. Image quality: excellent. Ursula Buchfellner and Katja Bienert star as sisters Betsy and Linda in this classic Jess Franco sexploitation film set in Spain. Betsy, a receptionist for a posh Spanish hotel is tricked into visiting the Rio Amore brothel, where is she drugged and forced into prostitution. Betsy's sister Linda, newly arrived from a convent to visit her sister, must discover Betsy's whereabouts before it is too late. Wall-to-wall flesh in this one, including an astonishing nude lesbian scene featuring fourteen year old Katja Bienert that is not to be missed! Contains nudity.

SCHULMADCHEN REPORT 13 (Schoolgirl Report 13) 1980. Color. 90 minutes. Dubbed in English. Image Quality: very good. Five tales of young girls having sex and getting into trouble. This is the rarest and most highly sought after of all the Schoolgirl Report movies. SR13 features fourteen year old Katja Bienert in an early role. Directed by sexploitation master Walter Boos. Contains nudity.

TRAIN STATION PICK UP 1979. Color. 86 minutes. Dubbed in English. Image quality: good. Starring Katja Bienert, Benjamin Carwath, Martina Engel. Directed by the German master of sexploitation Walter Boos, whose other films include the infamous "Schulmadchen-Report" series from the 1970's. This highly-sought after cult favorite deals with various teenagers who hang around the train station scoring drugs and selling their bodies. It combines the gritty realism of "Christiane F." with the locker room humor of "Porky's". Loaded with soft-core sex scenes and full frontal nudity. A true "trashterpiece" among 70's exploitation flicks! Contains nudity.

Eight DVDs - $60.00 NTSC format (North American standard), region free. NTSC compatible player required for viewing. DVDs feature menus and chapters. PLEASE NOTE: Image shown is for display only. Discs are shipped in protective sleeves without cases/covers.

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