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MUNECAS 2010. Color. Spanish language with English subtitles. 23 minutes. Image quality: good. Valeria is a talented young pianist being taught at home by her father. What Valeria's mother and younger sister don't know is that when Papa gets her in a room alone with him, he sexually assaults her. Valeria beomes increasingly withdrawn, and tells her mother that she wants to quit playing the piano, but the father insists that Valeria continue with her lessons. When Valeria starts to suspect that her little sister Camilla is also being victimized by Papa, she resorts to extreme measures to make sure their father will never hurt Camilla again. This internationally acclaimed short film took top honors at multiple prestigious film festivals, and is a fine example of independant movie making, but viewer beware; "Muñecas" builds toward a horrifying, unexpected climax that some may find disturbing.

SMAFUGLAR (aka "2 Birds") 2008. Color. 17 minutes. Icelandic language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. Two young teenage couples go to a party being thrown by some older men in a nearby apartment. The beer flows, the couples pair off, and everything's going well until the host gives out poweful tranquilizers to all his guests. When two older guys find a teenage girl unconcious on a bed, they decide to take advantage of her. A young boy her age, who has a crush on the girl, witnesses the assault, but he's so heavily sedated, he doesn't even have the strength to get up off the floor and try to help her. After the effects of the tranquilizer wears of, the boy crawls into bed with the girl and comforts her as best he can. Contains nudity.

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