Halfway Inn/La fille et l\'amande

Halfway Inn/La fille et l'amande

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HALFWAY INN 1970. Black & white. 12 minutes. No dialogue. Image quality: good. A weary traveller on foot checks in at an old country lodge called the "Halfway Inn", which is run by an old man and his beautiful twin daughters. When the traveller arrives at the inn, only one of the daughters is their, and he has no idea that she has a twin. Once the man settles into his room, one of the twins comes in for some hanky panky. He gives her a good rogering, and then looks forward to a good night's rest. Much to his surprise, the girl comes right back for more, and he must rise to the occassion once again. Little does the man know, it is not the girl he was just with, but rather her twin sister. The secret twin tag-teaming goes on all night, and by the time the traveller leaves in the morning, he is so sore he can barely walk. Originally realeased as an 8mm nudie reel, "Halfway Inn" features real life twin sisters Mary and Madeleine Collinson, revealingly groomed for your viewing pleasure. Contains nudity.

LA FILLE ET L'AMANDE. 1996. Color. 14 minutes. French language with English subtitles. Image quality: good. A portrait of a young girl who has never been in love or had sex, but is constantly thinking about it, and obsesses over her body image as well. Sixteen year old Laure Cavallera gives a memorable performance as the awkward young girl. Contains nudity.

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