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(aka "Caniche") 1979. Color. 86 minutes. Spanish language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good.

Brother and sister Bernardo and Eloísa live together in a relationship which is unhealthily close, and has overtones of incest. They also both love dogs - waaaaaaay too much! The sick-in-the-head siblings feed the dogs raw meat of unknown origin, and then have the animals perform in their own private dogshows featuring interspecies intimacy. As the film progresses, Bernardo and Eloísa seem to become more and more detached from reality, and more attached to their four-legged friends. Eventually, Bernardo starts acting and thinking like a dog. Unfortunately for sister Eloísa, he sees her as a dog also; a bitch in heat that he just has to hump! The main pooch in the film is a toy poodle named Danny, whose expression throughout the movie seems to say "What the hell is wrong with you people?!". This demented and disturbing piece of work from renowned filmmaker Bigas Luna is actually an expertly directed, mostly symbolic, avante-garde exploration of the darkest, ugliest sides of human nature, and not mere shock 'n' schlock, as the storyline may suggest. It is however, definitely NOT for everybody!

Contains nudity.

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