Linda and Abilene

Linda and Abilene

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1969. Color. 91 minutes. English language. Image quality: very good.                          

Siblings Tod and Abilene are left to tend the farm on their own after the recent passing of their parents. They do chores by day, but being young and horny, they think about sex while lying awake at night. In the evening, Tod and Abilene retire to seperate bedrooms, and secretly pleasure themselves while fantasizing about each other. During the daytime when they're together, their mutual attraction grows ever stronger, but neither dares speak of the taboo temptation that torments them. One day, after spying on his sister bathing naked in a nearby creek, Tod gets so hot and bothered that he stomps around the house in an angry rage of frustration. Abilene asks her brother what's bothering him, but he's too ashamed to tell her about his desire for her. One night, while undressing in her room, Abilene is startled by a howling coyote, and screams loudly. Tom rushes in to see what's wrong, and finds his sister standing before him, nude and trembling. He holds her, she hugs him, their eyes meet, and then, bam! - they do indeed do the deed. Then, they do it again, and again, and again - chores be damned! For some reason, Tod keeps his pants on during all this (talk about misplaced modesty!), but fortunately for us, the viewers, Abilene gets good and nekkid throughout the movie. After multiple sessions of sowing his wild, incestuous oats with Abilene, Tod suddenly becomes wracked with guilt over what he's done, and decides to head into town to look for a woman to have sex with who's not his sister. Tod goes straight to the local watering hole where he meets Linda, a saloon girl who's happy to cater to his needs. They have themselves a good old time drinking and banging the night away, during which Tod finally discovers the joy of sex without pants. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a dastardly dude named Rawhide discovers Abilene all alone, and forces himself on her. Tod returns home the next morning to find Abilene naked and sobbing on her bed. After finding out what happened, and who did it, he goes gunning for Rawhide, leaving Abilene behind. Once again, a stranger enters the house unexpectedly, but this time it's Linda, who's come to meet and comfort Abilene. At first, Abilene wants nothing to do with her, but Linda eventually wins her over by apologizing for having sex with Tod, and offering a nice, relaxing massage. "Somtimes it takes another woman to soothe all your troubles away", she tells a ready, willing, and able Abilene. The two have a long, cowgirl-on-downhome-girl hairpie hootenany, signifying the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and explaining the title of the film, although "Tod and Abilene" would have been more fitting, seeing as Linda only meets Abilene near the end of the movie. Sharon Matt plays the country cutie Abilene, and her sweet face and amply displayed body are definitley the main attractions in this all-but-forgotten softcore sexplotation rarity. Interesting/creepy side note: filmed at the Spahn Ranch in California, which is where Charles Manson and his "family" were living at the time. Directed by the "Godfather of Gore", Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Contains nudity.

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