Naděje zítřka/Reckless

Naděje zítřka/Reckless

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NADEJE ZITRKA 2006. Color. 18 minutes. Czech language, no English subtitles. Image quality: good. A pretty fifteen-year-old girl is infatuated with her handsome young tennis instructor. So much so, that she secretly video tapes him showering in the locker room. One day after practice, the girl waits in the locker room for the instructor to enter. When he does, she asks him to lock the door and tells him that she wants him to have sex with her right there and then. Although the instructor is pleasantly surprised and temped by the bold and beautiful girl's offer, he is hesitant to accept it because of the consequences he may have to face afterward. Sixteen-year-old Marika Šoposká is terrific as the eager young beauty looking to improve her skills both on and off the court. Contains nudity.

RECKLESS 2013. Color. 21 minutes. Norwegian language with English subtitles. Image quality: very good. A beautiful young girl named Sofie brings her little brother Mads to a local swimming pool on the hottest day of the summer. As Mads splashes in the water, Sofie lies sunbathing nearby and immediately catches the interest of two teenage boys, Marius and Sondre who begin flirting with her. Sofie, very much enjoying the attention, jumps into the pool with them for some touchy-feely playfighting, after which she removes her top so that Marius can rub lotion on her back. Unfortunately for Marius, Sondre's mother then calls for the boys to leave, so they say goodbye and walk away. Later, much to Sofie's surprise and delight, Marius and Sondre show up at her house. She invites them in for pizza, but little do the boys know, the main dish is yet to come! So that she can have the house to herself and her two horny suitors, Sofie sends little Mads out to buy ice cream. Marius and Sondre realize that they've hit the jackpot when Sofie wastes no time getting out of her clothes and into bed with both of them. It's a dream come true for the young threesome, but little do they know they are about to wake up to a nightmare. The tragic twist in the film is quite severe and occurs just as the film reaches its most enjoyable moment; the climactic sex scene. For me, this felt like a cold bucket of water to the face, and I would have preferred a less depressing conclusion. Still, this is an impressive work, and I recommend viewing it. Nineteen-year old Norewgian actress Silje Hagrim Dahl steams up the screen as the blonde beauty Sofie. Contains nudity.

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